Auto Recalls for Consumers

PHILLIPS Tire Recalls - View All PHILLIPS Tire Recalls from the NHTSA

Auto Recalls For Consumers


Recall information for PHILLIPS tires. Select the tire & size or model of your tire below to view the complete tire recall details and what impact it may have on you & your safety. Recalls may be issued by the manufacturer of the tires or by the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI).

Information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Select Tire Size or Model

PHILLIPS 1100R225 Tires

(1 Recalls)

PHILLIPS P21575R15 Tires

(1 Recalls)


(1 Recalls)

PHILLIPS P22575R15 Tires

(1 Recalls)

PHILLIPS P18575R14 Tires

(1 Recalls)

PHILLIPS P23575R15 Tires

(1 Recalls)

PHILLIPS P18580R13 Tires

(1 Recalls)
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